Viscoplast is the best recognized adhesive plasters brand in Poland. Over the years, has built its position, focusing on innovation and high-quality products. The takeover of the brand by a global player, the American company 3M and the desire to appear in modern distribution channels, gave impetus to profound changes in visual identification. Our main goal was to create a contemporary image of a professional and friendly brand. With a wide range, it was also necessary to create an intuitive navigation system for the consumer and transparent architecture of the Viscoplast brand.

Design for quality and trust

We designed a logo that meets the aspirations of the category leader, manufacturer size and scale of implementing new technological solutions. In the new sign we showed simplicity and readability, without interrupting the rich history and achievements of the brand so far deeply rooted in the minds of Polish consumers. The contrasting combination of dark blue with white in CI and BI has been adapted to the visual codes functioning in the medical industry, strengthening confidence in the brand.

Timeless rebranding of the Viscoplas brand

The brand we designed has been used for years by the Viscoplast brand on a large scale, contributing to building its strong position and market success. It also flexibly adapts to all visual communication channels, creating a recognizable blue company block. Together with the brand’s new design, we have created a line of BTL materials that support sales.

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