Vidaron is a brand of impregnation, varnish stain and other wood care products, a leader setting quality standards in the industry, thanks to the experience and use of modern technologies. Established market position requires constant monitoring of recipients needs and expectations. The problem encountered by users of the category was too “professional” and incomprehensible way of communication of the company. Therefore, our goal was to design a Vidaron packaging that will clearly indicate what the product is intended for, facilitate selection and eliminate the concerns of users.

Functional solutions

To achieve the intended goal, we approached the task comprehensively, creating a number of functional solutions. One of them is the transparent iconographic system, which leaves no doubt as to the purpose of the article. The most important features of Vidaron confirming the quality, such as the 6-year warranty,

were indicated in the form of a shield in a visible place on the front of the packaging. We have placed another important benefit, this time regarding use, in an eye-catching panel on the other side. The icons have the form of instructions on the back of the packaging that allow the consumer to become familiar with the product in detail at the time of use.

Clear brand architecture

The brand’s architecture, based on color codes, which to some extent already existed in the world of Vidaron was put in order. In this way, the impregnates took on metallic shades of green, varnish stains – brown, and varnishes – purple and pomegranate, to help users navigate categories. Panels informing about the name and type have become additional color distinguishing features,

which do not allow overlooking the sought product on the store shelf. Ultimately, all of Vidaron’s articles have a coherent information layer – the same values are communicated with equal strength, maximizing the differences in performance, purpose and effect. In addition, we have strengthened the status of Vidaron as an expert and leader setting trends in the category, positioned as a prestigious brand, producing the highest quality goods.

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