Mineral water and beverages with active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, natural extracts) are becoming an increasingly important sector of the Polish FMCG market. The growing interest in a healthy lifestyle, physical activity and an openness to new products are driving the development of this category. Among the top leaders there is the mineral water brand Arctic+, owned by Hoop Polska, offering several functional lines, including the isotonic beverage Isosprint.  Isosprint was missing visual impact and pro-consumer communication. The situation required rapid reaction. Just like a sprint.

Throughout the design process, what we had in mind was the consumer for whom physical activity is a part of their DNA and lifestyle, who reaches for functional water and beverages. These consumers are looking for specific solutions, as well as an attractive, fresh design. The packaging communication created by us for ISOSPRINT is a jackpot as an answer to consumer needs.

The strong colours, geometrical forms and dynamic silhouettes of sportsmen on the isotonic drink packaging express the world of sport as a lifestyle. We did not overlook the clear communication of the active ingredients and their positive effect on the consumer. This is information that definitely determines the choice of the consumer in this product category.

„PND Futura Agency has been working with us on many projects. We have recently carried out a rebranding and relaunch process of two leading brands: Hoop Cola and Arctic +. Understanding the needs signaled in briefs, a thorough analysis of the brand's world value as well as its recipients were reflected in high-quality branding solutions prepared by the agency.”

Leszek Organista Brand Manager arctic+

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