Müller RISO is an international brand of snacks based on rice and milk. It has a very strong position in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. For many years, the brand has successfully developed, gaining and maintaining a leading position. The brand’s recognition was certainly influenced by strong communication support and creation based on the brand hero, also appearing in identification on packaging.

Facing changing consumer needs and market trends, the brand faced the need to redefine its image and positioning. How to stand out from the competition? How to strengthen brand perception and make its products the first choice at the shelf? The answer is to shift the focus from pleasure and a certain playfulness, toward developing an idea derived from consumer insight. This idea stems from the need to reach for a snack that is “good for me,” “healthier,” but still delicious and perfect for satisfying a small hunger. Our task was to convert this idea into Muller Riso’s branding and reflect it in the packaging designs.

Muller Riso’s new branding – design for taste and naturalness

Our work on the new visual identity primarily included a change in the logotype. We eliminated the bear illustration, which could have raised concerns about maintaining the recognizability and legibility of Muller Riso’s branding. Therefore, the new logotype retains the character of the previous identity, but is decidedly more contemporary

in expression. As a result, it provides the brand with the new identity opening it so clearly needed. The entire packaging has also changed. Each of the elements – illustrations, typography, colours and, above all, images of the product and flavour variants have been developed in such a way as to communicate as clearly as possible the concept of naturalness and nutritiousness resulting from the nature of the product. Also check out our project for Muller Fusion.


Riso project was a complex one from the beginning. We were looking not just for a new design but for a completely new visual identity of Müller Riso brand. Riso base range consisting of wide range of flavours, and on top special subranges are included within Rice&Grains portfolio (Riso Vegan, Riso Protein, Oats!) that were about to carry the same new look&feel.

Strong shelf impression is critical. For the first sight it needs to be recognizable for the consumers that all these products belong to Riso family. And that from now Riso has a new brand image which is modern, appetizing and at the same time communicates core brand assets – hunger satiation, great taste and "good for me"/goodness.

During the process I have very much appreciated the proactive and enthusiastic approach of PND Futura. Only can-do approach, and this was helping very much to progress effectivelly. I have not heard any excuses or complaints, this was a joint project and we joined forces to create the best possible designs together.

Thank you for the great cooperation and looking forward to new adventurous projects!

Adéla Přindišová Brand Manager CEE Müller Riso

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