Sharing is such a lovely thing. That is why Mieszko, a well-known producer of chocolate pralines and boxes, decided to share sweet chocolates in handy boxes with its customers. The new, convenient form of packaging strengthens Mieszko’s image as a brand with a rich history, but at the same time modern and open to the consumer. The social character and lifestyle of the brand further strengthens our creative concept “For You & For Me”. This allowed us to break the traditional perception of pralines as a category only for special occasions (name days, anniversaries, etc.). Instead, it emphasizes the everyday and universal nature of the products.

Holistic packaging design, creative use of a window and catchy marketing messages are an invitation to share chocolate pralines with loved ones. Although enjoying them alone is also highly recommended.

As part of cooperation with Mieszko S.A. we have also prepared the adaptation of the entire line under the resurrected vintage premium brand Prisetti. With Mieszko For You & For Me, our client plans to sweeten the lives of its consumers in the United States, Asia and the Middle East.

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