The facts are undeniable, Poles are increasingly interested in a healthy lifestyle, product news and the so-called Functional food. We just want to live better, more consciously and feel comfortable. That is why the dynamic development of food, dietary supplements and the biological eco market is not surprising. Among the dozens of brands in this industry was MyVita, a family company with a large, but unfortunately insufficiently developed image and business potential. The biggest problems of the brand included the lack of image consistency, misleading architecture and low recognition. But this is the past.

We started working with the brand by developing strategic assumptions. During internal workshops, we looked at the competition, global trends in this category and answered a number of questions about the future image of MyVita. This is how a coherent and attractive world was created. With a specific archetype, set of values, transparent architecture and visual identity guidelines for three product lines.

What is the effect of our work with the MyVita brand? Today it stands out from the competition, friendly, contemporary in terms of the designer brand for active Poles.

Thanks to branding, which is not only more ambitious, flexible and orderly, but above all emphasizes the symbolic way of key brand values- naturalness, life energy, kindness and care.

In addition, our project – MyVita branding – was recognized by the DesignRush, platform known form promoting best designs and featured in their article The Best Brand Designs.

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