Eobuwie.pl is one of the strongest Polish brands in the e-commerce fashion industry, currently operating under the CCC group. The brand has won the hearts of fashion and trend lovers by offering footwear and accessories from global brands at affordable prices through its e-commerce platform. However, prices are not its only advantage. E-customers from Poland and several European countries in which local versions of e-stores have been launched appreciate its functionality, reliability, speed and quality of services. The brand’s weak point was its identification, which did not fit in the modern and ever-changing digital world. That’s why we offered it a facelift. We have prepared it so as not to undermine its recognition and credibility.

To refresh the brand image, we focused on what works best in the virtual world, i.e. on simplistic means of communication. The new design of the mark matches the language of the icons of mobile applications and encourages actions – click, buy. In this way, we have clearly defined the brand profile.

We have also not forgotten about attractiveness through design directed to the emotional side of the recipients who like convenience while shopping. We have softened the technical aspect of the company’s perception thanks to its green tone and roundness in the form of signets and letters.

The brand we created and the system of its use has been adapted to several language versions. Thus, it supports the expansion of the Eobuwie.pl brand in such countries as: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Greece, Sweden.

The new Eobuwie.pl logo, adapted to the development strategy and industry, has become a pillar of comprehensive visual identification. It is widely used on the website, in the mobile application, in the company’s fleet and in all promotional and advertising materials.

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