The range of Danish brand Bondex includes many products from impregnates and varnishes for protection and decoration of wood, to high-quality paints for various substrates, walls and ceilings. More than 100 years of experience makes the brand one of the market leaders in Poland and No. 1 in Germany and Portugal. We started our work on the Polish packaging design of the Bondex Smart Paint line of ceramic paints by analyzing the product, competition and consumer needs. The main objectives of the project included the introduction of a new Bondex logo, emphasizing through naming and new packaging design of the paints the ceramicity and positioning of the products in the premium segment. The strategic goal was to better communicate the innovation, convenience and high quality of the products. We opted for a creative concept that would build consumer confidence and give a sense of certainty of achieving the dream result.

New packaging design of Smart Ceramic paints – guaranteed effect!

Referring to the earlier packaging of the Smart line, we retained the oval shapes and the main design element – black applique on a green background. In the new edition, the central arrangement of messages we have introduced better exposes the qualities of the product, and the developed background pattern, emphasizes technological innovation.

The benefits of Smart Ceramic paints effectively communicate the system of icons and qualitative design elements: colors, typography, illustrations. The brand’s commitment to safety and the environment is underscored by the new Eco&Health Friendly Paint icon. The finishing touch to the design of Bondex Smart Ceramic paint packaging was the creation of communication materials, i.e. Key Visual with the slogan Be Smart! Turn on Stain Resistance at 100% and a series of POS. This is another successful paint packaging design that we have painted!

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