Hochland is a brand well known to Polish cheese lovers. In the past, we often had the opportunity to work with the brand on appetizing projects. This time, we were serious about sliced cheese. Significant improvement and slimming of their recipes gave impetus to strategic repositioning and relaunching the entire category. In this context, Hochland needed branding solutions that would enable it to communicate key product benefits in a contemporary way. Another challenge was to distinguish the line on a highly fragmented market, dominated by discount brands.

In the creative concept created for the Hochland brand, we focused on visual highlighting of the natural and qualitative nature of yellow cheeses. The task was completed in 100%, because relaunch proved to be a great image and business success. Positive consumer reactions from the market and growing sales bars have taken the hearts of both us and our client.

They gripped so much that in the next stage of cooperation we dealt with the development of packaging and key visual design for a special line of cheese cheeses for burgers, toasts, pasta and pizza. By entering it image-wise in the entire category, we emphasized through iconography what is most important and beloved by enthusiasts of these iconic hot dishes, i.e. …the effect of the cheese pull.

„Last year, with the PND Futura agency, we implemented a project important for the Hochland brand related to the relaunch of its products. The new projects were very well received by both consumers and retailers, which translates into increased sales. Implementing tasks for the Hochland brand, agency specialists have demonstrated high competence in many areas, among which the key are brand design, packaging design, photography and prepress.”

Catherine Halwa Senior Brand Manager
Hochland Polska

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