Dobropolska is another sub-brand from the JBB Bałdyga portfolio, which after rebranding the parent brand required a completely new opening in terms of visual strategy and packaging design. Basically, it was created for modern and aware of their needs consumers – people looking for the highest quality sausages with a short composition, for which they would be able to pay a little more. Current image, however, did not reflect the specific character and position. This had to change dramatically, especially in the context of qualitative enhancement of the image of JBB Bałdyga’s very wide basic offer.

Creating the identification of the new line, we emphasized its premium and modern character. Noble background colors, subtle decorations, clear composition are key elements building the desired image of Dobropolska. At the same time, we have not forgotten to emphasize the most important advantages of the product in iconographic and descriptive form. They include high meatiness or features that show a so-called pure label. They justify higher positioning of the line and provide the consumer with confirmation of good choice.

„We recommend the PND Futura agency as a business partner with great opportunities to support brand development. We've been working with the agency since 2016. The goal of the cooperation was a comprehensive rebranding of the JBB brand, covering both areas related to the company's visual identity, as well as the overall development of packaging branding. The agency professionally performs the tasks entrusted to it. Thanks to the involvement of many teams of specialists, work is maintained at a high level.”

Piotr Laskowski Sales and Marketing Director

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