Environmentally friendly products are gaining in popularity. We are extremely satisfied with this trend, so designing the branding and packaging of the Paclan brand product line was all the more interesting and creative challenge for us. The goal defined by the client was to develop a fitting name for new offer and a distinctive design within the category, which in addition to clear pro-environmental packaging communication would attract the attention of consumers with varying degrees of environmental awareness. As we embarked on the work, we felt satisfaction that we had a real impact on whether the target customer of the category would become interested in and reach for the Paclan’s line of products, manufactured in the philosophy of sustainable development, made from recycled materials. We are proud to introduce Paclan for Nature’s eco-friendly packaging design.

Design versus responsibility for nature

Inspired by caring for the environment, we focused on naming that would convey the features of the new offering and set it apart for the competition. Paclan For Nature was a perfect

choice for us, as the concept both conveyed the product’s features and fit perfectly with brand strategy. Then, we creatively turned the defined values and benefits of products into the visual character of packaging. The raw material used in their production – recycled paper- was one of the inspirations for our search.

How to enhance the ecological character of the line with packaging design?

To emphasize this packaging asset, we chose a natural paper-coloured background for the line’s packaging, very much exposing the designed sub-brand logo. The brand, based on the impact form of a green leaf, is an integral part of the design. The overall design of the individual packages is complemented by modern typography and an icon system.

The cooperation with Paclan brand resulted in a fresh and modern image of the pro-environmental line with a visually appealing communication of the brand’s values in creating eco-friendly products. Make Earth green again : )

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