The Polish brand DecoMorreno is primarily associated with high-quality dark cocoa. In this category, it is the undisputed leader. However, DecoMorreno is not just cocoa. The brand’s portfolio also includes chocolate drinks and snacks. The brand also debuted in the instant coffee segment, introducing two product lines – My Coffee and Ice Coffee Shake. This offer which was crafted specifically for young and energetic women living in the city, has gained a special design.

Our creative concept “I’m on the run” refers to the active, dynamic lifestyle of modern women. A life where there is also room for pleasure. Therefore, when designing the packaging, we referred to different moments of the day and highlighted the illustrations with appropriate times for drinking your favorite coffee.

To further emphasize the feminine character of both lines, the product names have been placed on panels that resemble clothing tags. The new packaging design is complemented by a hand-written typography and appetizing images of coffee and add-ons.

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