More and more consumers want to eat healthier and more responsibly. That is why, they are looking for products with short lists of ingredients, without artificial additives, food colourings and preservatives.  Instead, they are seeking natural foods such as grains, seeds, bran or dried fruit. The “clean & transparent label” trend conveys naturalness and a high level of product quality through transparent design with clear benefits communication. This trend is becoming visible among more and more brands. Among them is Polish brand GOOD FOOD, a leader in the category of rice products and corn crackers. The brand is also one of the pioneers of responsible nutrition in Poland.

Due to the fact that the healthy snack market is becoming more and more competitive and the demand for quality and aesthetics is higher, we have proposed a new visual approach for the brand. Design exudes positive emotions and naturalness, based on hand-drawn typography, floral illustrations and soft colours that perfectly match current trends.

The refreshed look met with a very positive opinion of consumers looking for an alternative to classic snacks, while looking for a factor of pleasure from food. What’s more, the project made the brand stand out from the competition and strengthened the leadership position in its category. Oh yes, we feel good with GOOD FOOD.

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