Design of a packaging line for ready meals from around the world, tempting with authentic spices and fresh ingredients? This is it!

A design that will emphasize the advantages of an appetizing dish and the convenience of use? Strong yes!

A brand with a clear mission and a vegetarian bottom that we get along well with? Yes, present!

Three strong yes, that’s why the concept of the packaging design and naming the new Pan Pomidor product line was a “tasty” branding pleasure for us. It’s hard not to fall in love with the flavors of the cuisines of countries famous for fresh and vegetable dishes. Our commitment and understanding of the client’s needs has been confirmed by consumer research, and the winning project, refined in detail, will certainly appear on many tables.

Bon appétit for packaging desing Pan Pomidor World Dishes

The new line of Pan Pomidor dishes is a culinary journey that the brand takes us on, also giving us the opportunity to influence our “travel plan”, because everyone can choose their favorite additions according to their preferences. The concept we have developed under the name – “We are cooking” emphasizes the co-creation of the final dish by the consumer, and what is equally important, it further emphasizes

the freshness of the dish prepared according to the best culinary recipes.

Different corners of the globe where the dishes come from are connected with characteristic colors, patterns and fonts. Appetizing photos of dishes made in our studio, which are the focal point of the project, encourage you to try our new products.

Ready! Flavors of dishes from distant corners of the world and another delicious project – we wish you a tasty meal!

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