The concept of redesigning the line along with creating the name and peanut butter packaging design with effective navigation between flavour variants was a tender task carried out for Intersnack Poland. Such an interesting project that required from us to understand the needs of a customer interested in this type of product (here you can compare it with the chocolate cream packaging design). The design work was preceded by a thorough analysis, not only of the peanut paste category but also of the consumer trends and culinary uses of peanut butter. So what is peanut butter besides being delicious and very filling? It is the hidden strength of nuts – PEANUT POWER! As a result, at the final stage of the project, created concept won in consumer research and found its way to store shelves.

Powerful peanut butter packaging design

In cooperation with the Client, we developed a concept and implemented a line called PEANUT POWER, which is positively associated with a nutty, full of power, colorful design – with a logo and a symbol of strength as well as photos of ours authorship. We also developed, which was one of the main tasks,

a clear division of the line into two groups of products – 100% nut paste and those with additives, making them ideal for spreading. Finally, we managed to combine important trends in the design category, the operating strategy of the Felix brand, and the history built around the product.  Altogether it expresses the features and benefits of nut pastes perfect for a tasty boost of power. This flavor has POWER!

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