The Goliard brand is a producer of high-quality pasta that has been present on the market for 30 years. The basis of the offer are egg pastas, especially broth slices, which are hardly loved by users of products with an ear of grain. The product portfolio, however, is much broader and includes durum wheat flour, wholemeal pastas, flavored pasta, tortellini and crispbread. For many years, the company has developed, increased distribution and sales, and expanded its portfolio, which cannot be said about the visual identity that was created several dozen years ago. The time has come for changes: holistic, bringing freshness and modernity, but still firmly based on what is most important to the brand: tradition, good ingredients, proximity.

Preparations for a branding journey

The rebranding of the Goliard brand was to be comprehensive and complete. This does not mean, however, that the brand was ready to break with the current image. On the contrary – the client wanted to strengthen the brand, especially the impact from the shelf by introducing new

branding solutions, rebuilding the brand architecture and changing the packaging in line with the new positioning of individual offers, but in such a way that the user does not feel confused on the shelf and can still reach for favorite products. The task thus posed required an in-depth analysis of the brand’s strategy, the values on which it is based, and the existing visual identification system. This is how the transition process began.

Traditional values, contemporary image

The new visual identification system has opened the door to changes. We made a metamorphosis of the logotype, which gained a modern expression, while maintaining the character and the main visual distinguishing feature of the brand – the ears. We have also developed new colors and branding elements that have been used both on packaging and in other areas of brand contact with the user.

The next step is to work on the packaging. The packaging has completely changed: after redesigning the brand’s

architecture, we transferred its main assumptions to branding, graphic and communication solutions in packaging. The basic offer, positioned in the mainstream / upper mainstream segment, including special lines and a low-cost offer in the form of family packages, was distinguished. The colors and typography were selected for individual offers, and a system of icons and illustrations was created to organize and facilitate the communication of benefits on the packaging.

The result – a strong hit from the shelf, easy navigation and a still warm, close brand image. In a word – a new opening for a well-known and liked brand.

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